The YEEZY STEM PLAYER, which is a small piece of technology allowing consumers to split their music into stems, was first announced and revealed during the same weekend where Ye released his tenth studio album, Donda. With the players finally beginning to ship out, fans have noticed the player features multiple unreleased Ye tracks.

The stem player, which was developed by YEEZY TECH along with technology company Kano, is a tan colored silicon puck with four touch-sensitive light sliders on the front - these are used to manipulate and customize the songs in real time.

Following on from its launch back in August 2021, customers are finally beginning to receive their stem players, where they have noticed that along with changes to the original Donda album, the player also includes three new Ye tracks.

The first new track is known as Life of the Party - featuring Andre 3000, this song was intended to be on the final release for Donda, but was left off due to Andre 3000 not agreeing with his verse being censored, along with Ye's wish to only release non-secular music without profanity. A slightly different variant of this song was leaked by Drake through his Sound 42 radio show - this features disses aimed at Drake by Ye, and is completely uncensored unlike all other tracks on Donda.

The version featured on the stem player, however, features a different verse from Ye that omits the profanity and disses from the leaked release. This version of the song leaked around a month prior to the release of Donda, with a snippet being heard in a video of Ye and Tyler, The Creator in the studio.

The second new track to come with the stem player is known as Never Abandon Your Family. This emotional track details the relationship breakdown between Ye and Kim Kardashian, and was featured in both the first and second listening party event for Donda. The track was omitted from the third listening event, as well as the final release of the album for unknown reasons.

The song also appears to be in a more finished state compared to how it was throughout the listening parties, with vocals being completely legible compared to the 'mumble' type vocals that had been showcased prior.

The final new track is known as Up From The Ashes. This is a track that originally surfaced shortly after Ye released his ninth studio album, Jesus Is King. The track was initially set to appear on that album, but ended up being left off of the album for unknown reasons.

In addition to these tracks being added, a few of the Donda tracks have been altered. The song Remote Control now includes a feature by Kid Cudi, along with the Globgogabgalab sample at the end of the song being extended. This makes the song similar to its rendition when it was showcased during the second Donda listening party, which featured Cudi and the extended sample.

The YEEZY STEM PLAYER can be purchased over on Ye's website, priced at $200. The stem player currently only delivers to the USA and the UK, though a wider release is expected soon.

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