Ye returned to Instagram to announce that he would be redesigning the McDonald's burger packaging – Stick with YM for more info.

Ye initially teased a collaboration with McDonald's by posting to his Instagram story. The image post consisted of the new, redesigned packaging with the lyric quote "Next week it's the fries" underneath. The quote is taken from the wildly popular track "Gold Digger", from Ye's second album - Late Registration.

Fans believed Ye would be bringing out his own 'McDonald's meal' in the same vein as the recent string of popular meals inspired by musical artists, such as the 'Travis Scott meal'. However, Ye later revealed more information about the image with another post shared to Instagram, stating that he had teamed up with Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukusawa to "reimagine McDonalds packaging".

Fukusawa is known for his work with brands such as Alessi and B&B Italia. He also founded the ±0 (Plus Minus Zero) brand, and has been described as one of the world's most influential designers.

The packaging itself is made to appear like a burger, with the top and bottom of the  box acting as both halves of a bun. The middle of the box features artwork that includes the burger patty, along with lettuce, onions and tomatoes.

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