Unlike many other silhouettes that are a main part of sneaker culture - high tops, to slip ons - the so-called 'dad shoe' did not see success at first.

Known as a mainstay of the family cookout, the chunky soles, relatively simplistic colorways and 90's-esque designs did not appeal to the masses...until a certain sneaker caused the silhouettes popularity to boom.

The YEEZY BOOST 700 is credited for being one of the key sneakers and silhouettes to kickstart the mass appeal of the 'dad shoe'-type sneaker - however, the journey was not the smoothest.

The YEEZY BOOST 700 featured a different appearance prior to its official launch in 2017 - the sample, which features color blocking highly reminiscent of the "Wave Runner" colorway, utilizes different materials to those used in the final YEEZY BOOST 700 sneaker. In addition to this, the shape of the silhouette differs slightly.

Image taken by @seabass_photos and @stripedphotos on Instagram

Compared to the retail YEEZY BOOST 700, the sample variant uses a teal rubberized material on the midfoot portion of the sneaker - this is a mesh material on the final sneaker. In addition to this, the sample features a rough cut of grey suede on the heel of the sneaker, and includes tumbled leather around the sockliner, which would also be mesh on the final sneaker.

Image taken by @seabass_photos and @stripedphotos on Instagram

The sample also has a slightly different design on the midfoot, with the 3M "three stripes" graphic under the mesh taking up a smaller footprint than on the final sneaker. The mesh cut out is also much more squared-off compared to the rounded corners of the retail sneaker. The silhouette as a whole also featured a slightly different design near the rear of the sneaker, which is considerably more rounded than the final sneaker, which flicks outward.

The sample for the YEEZY BOOST 700, along with the final version in the "Wave Runner" colorway

The YEEZY BOOST 700 initially released as a YEEZY SUPPLY exclusive in August 2017, with reception being mixed at the time. Sneaker fans criticized the overall look of the sneaker, along with the colorway - many thought it was far too clunky, and that the color blocking appeared messy. Large amounts of internet memes surrounding the appearance of the sneaker also surfaced around this time.

Despite this, however, the sneaker ended up selling out quickly. Attitudes surrounding the sneaker began to shift overtime, along with industry trends regarding fashion. Out of nowhere - the YEEZY BOOST 700 had become a cult hit, and the demand surrounding the sneaker quickly grew.

As the YEEZY BOOST 700 grew in popularity, and quickly began selling out in every drop, many other brands began to create their interpretations of the 'dad shoe'. In addition to this, many brands began to show renewed interest in silhouettes that they initially believed to be in low demand.

Image taken by @seabass_photos and @stripedphotos on Instagram

As time has gone by, the YEEZY BOOST 700 has gone from being considered YEEZY brands first miss, to arguably their most influential model line-up. The impact the 700 has had on the modern sneaker community cannot be understated, and its fair to say that the sneaker community is still feeling the effects from its initial launch.

You can grab a pair of YEEZY BOOST 700 in the "Wave Runner" colorway over on GOAT, as well as Flight Club.

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