The YZY FOAM RNR has been a highly popular silhouette since launching, and the introduction of more crazy colorways is set to continue this upward trend - YM has the latest on the newly revealed "MX Carbon" colorway.

The "MX Carbon" features a wild colorway which is somewhat similar to models like the "MX Sand Grey" and "MX Cream Clay". The base color of the clog is jet black, and features a marbling effect pattern with splashes of lilac, tan and yellow throughout.

The pattern is randomized, meaning each "MX Carbon" is truly unique.

The "MX Carbon" features the usual clog-like silhouette found in all FOAM RNR models, with oval shaped perforations of various sizes all around the sneaker.

As with all FOAM RNR's, the "MX Carbon" is made completely from a comfortable and supportive foam material.

The "MX Carbon" is set to launch very soon. Make sure you stay updated with YM for more information on the coming release.

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