Following the claymation filled video for 'Eazy' which depicted the kidnapping of Pete Davidson, Ye and The Game have returned to drop an animated video for the track.

The video features heavy CGI usage, and kicks off with a render of a skinned monkey singing the chorus of the song. The monkey is the same that is featured on the official single art for the track.

The skinned monkey from the 'Eazy' single art singing the chorus of the song

This then cuts to a sequence where Ye, The Game and the skinned monkey drift a Rolls-Royce on the top of a multi-story parking garage. A scene following this showcases The Game rapping in a church-like setting amidst various skinned monkeys that are dressed in all black. There is also a short cameo from Dr. Dre, where he appears to be performing at a concert.

A render of Dr. Dre in the 'Eazy' video

Iconography used throughout the Donda and Donda 2 rollouts shows up when Ye begins rapping, with a replica of his childhood home burning behind him, The Game and a skinned monkey.

Ye in front of a burning replica of his childhood home alongside The Game

The camera then pans inside the burning building, showing an unusual scene that depicts Ye as a literal table.

"How I ain't bring nothin' to the table when I'm the table?"

Ye is then pictured rapping in the same church setting from earlier in the video, complete with various hooded skinned monkeys, before appearing in a courtroom alongside The Game.

The characters return to the burning house at this point of the video, with the shot appearing to be very similar to the set design used for the Donda 2 Experience concert.

The shot of Ye's childhood home burning surrounded by a pool of water

Not long after this, a new CGI character joins the video - with the face pixellated out and the individual wearing a hoodie that says "SKETE" on it, it's fair to say that this is a depiction of Pete Davidson. Pete is then attacked by a skinned monkey.

The shot soon changes to Ye and The Game performing in front of a mansion with various expensive cars surrounding them.

The video closes out with Ye and The Game rapping in front of a picture of Eazy-E, whose track 'Eazy-Does-It' is sampled heavily throughout the track.

Ye and The Game rapping in front of a picture of Eazy-E

You can watch the animated video for 'Eazy' over on YouTube.

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