Ye just released the music video for Hurricane, a Grammy-nominated single coming from the album Donda. YM has more.

A still image from the video depicting the hooded figures climbing a fence

Debuting over on Ye's YouTube account, the video was directed by Arnaud Bresson and features various hooded and masked individuals dressed in all black. The clothing that the figures are wearing is directly influenced by the all black outfits worn by Ye during the rollout for Donda.

"Lightning strikes the beach."

The video also appears to depict a rapture-like event, with many of the CGI animated individuals in the video attempting to run towards a heavenly light - many of them begin to float in the sky upon reaching the light.

The individuals in the video rising from the ground upon reaching the light

Upon reaching the light, the camera begins to pan and zoom out, with thousands of the hooded CGI figures now making up the background of the video - with CGI renditions of Ye, The Weeknd and Lil Baby performing in front of them.

A render of Ye, Lil Baby and The Weeknd - notice the background being made up of the same hooded figures from an earlier point in the video

The video finishes up with a shot of what appears to be an area of the USA hit by a natural disaster, with a fallen American flag being the focal point.

The final shot of the 'Hurricane' video, depicting what appears to be a hurricane ravaged area of the USA

You can watch the music video for Hurricane over on YouTube.

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