Following on from comments made on the recent Drink Champs interviews about a potential deluxe version of his recently released album, Donda, Ye officially delivered his Sunday service - 'Donda Deluxe'.

Rumours regarding 'Donda Deluxe' began circulating shortly after the original album released back in August 2021 - a producer that worked on the original album release claimed that Ye was still hard at work finishing up music. Around this time, Ye himself was travelling around the world while "working on projects".

The rumours around the deluxe edition of the album began picking up again recently when an army of Ye clones were spotted walking around New York City. The clones wore very similar clothing and accessories to what Ye had been seen in recently - Balenciaga caps and boots, YEEZY GAP Round Jackets and AirPods Max headphones. In addition to this, all of the Ye clones wore a prosphetic masks.

Mirroring the rollout of the original album, billboards officially confirming the existence and imminent release of Donda Deluxe began to surface over the weekend. Said billboards were mostly featureless, featuring a simple black background with the subtitle "Kanye West presents Donda Deluxe".

‌                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Donda Deluxe features 5 new tracks, bringing the total amount of tracks on the album to 32. The new tracks are Life of The Party, Up From The Ashes, Remote Control Pt 2, Never Abandon Your Family and Keep My Spirit Alive Pt 2.

Life of The Party, which features a verse from Andre 3000, initially surfaced in early September, with Drake leaking the song through his Sound 42 radio show. While the version that leaked is explicit and features disses from Ye aimed at Drake, the version on the album is censored and features an all new verse from Ye without any disses.

Life of The Party also released as a standalone single alongside Donda Deluxe - unlike the version of the song on the album, this version is explicit. This allows both Ye's and Andre's vision to be fulfilled, as Ye did not want an explicit song to feature on the album, while Andre did not want a censored version of the song to release.

Up From The Ashes is a track that initially surfaced after the release of Ye's last album, Jesus Is King. The track was left off of the initial track list for Donda for unknown reasons, but is included on the YEEZY STEM PLAYER.

Remote Control Pt 2 is a new variation of the existing track. Unlike the original version of the track, this includes a feature from Kid Cudi, similar to how the track was showcased throughout the Donda listening parties. The track also features an extended 'Globgogabgalab' sample at the end of the song. Similar changes were made to the song on the YEEZY STEM PLAYER.

Never Abandon Your Family is an emotional track that details the relationship breakdown between Ye and Kim Kardashian, along with other familial issues. The track was featured in the first two listening parties for Donda, but did not make the final tracklist. The song was also featured on the YEEZY STEM PLAYER.

The final new track, Keep My Spirit Alive Pt 2, is a new variation of the existing track. While the original track was updated to replace KayCyy's hook with Ye himself, the Pt 2 version reinstates KayCyy's feature on the track.

Alongside the five new tracks added to Donda Deluxe, multiple tracks have seen slight changes. For example, artist Tyler, The Creator now features backing vocals on the track Come To Life. The album itself also has a completely different tracklist to the original release.

Donda Deluxe is available right now, and you can check it out through Apple Music or Spotify below.

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