YEEZY GAP kicks off their in-store shopping experience today following the announcement that apparrel from the brand would finally be making it to Gap stores. YM has the latest.

Fans waiting for the YEEZY GAP Times Square Experience, taken by @d.pyton on Instagram

The announcement came from the newly founded YEEZY Instagram account, which informed fans of the brand that a selection of clothing would be available to purchase directly from Gap's flagship store in Times Square, New York City.

An image taken inside the newly renovated Times Square Gap store, taken by @d.pyton on Instagram

Coming from a YEEZY press release, the "entry into Gap stores fulfills the vision to deliver YEEZY GAP design on a larger scale".

Clothing on offer inside the Times Square Gap store, taken by on Instagram

The store itself has also seen a renovation - to celebrate the hyped brand making its way to store shelves, the store was reengineered to fit the utilitarian design vision that "encapsulates YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga".

Another image of the shopping experience taken by @sophiarosecasella on Instagram

Customers attending the event can also play the newly released YEEZY GAP video game in store, which is projected onto large screens across the walls.

Customers playing the YEEZY GAP video game at the event, recorded by @sophiarosecasella on Instagram

The YEEZY GAP Times Square experience kicks off now, with the pop up store open until 10pm Eastern Time.

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